You are on a journey.

You’re pursuing a direction that is deeply meaningful to you.

And along the way, you’ve discovered an idea of tremendous importance.

Now you feel compelled to share your idea, to inspire others, and to change the world. 

And every time you do, you come alive.


But you know you’re just scratching the surface.

You sense you have so much more to give on that stage.

You know exactly what being a top performer feels like.

And you know you haven’t reached that caliber as a speaker.  

That’s where we come in.  

We don’t care about the quality of your eye contact, vocal variety, or your pacing.

That’s the icing on the cake, the very last piece we work on.

We don’t care about fame.

We care about your message, and the impact you have on the world. 

We don’t care how many speeches you’ve given in the past.

We care about your next speech and how many lives will change as a result of it.  

If we don’t get chills talking with you, we won’t work with you.

If we do, we go all in.  

We’ll be there for you week after week, month after month, relentlessly coaching you to bring out the most vivid picture of your message, and the most powerful version of you.  

Together, we will create a talk so meaningful that it resonates with every fiber of your being.  

Together, we will get you to a place where you’ve never felt more comfortable being yourself in front of an audience.  

If there’s one thing we guarantee, it’s that after working with us, you will never be the same.  

If this is the right time for you, then let’s connect.

People we've worked with

Jordyn Weiber, Olympic Gymnast Helping redefine success for young leaders

"Thanks to Tristan and Michael's coaching, I discovered an even deeper meaning to my Olympic story."

Afdhel Aziz, Author of "Good is the New Cool" Helping inspire purpose across the world 

"These two are elevating my speaking game to a completely new level."

Megha Desai, President, Desai Foundation Helping cultivate dignity into social change 

"Tristan and Michael taught me so much about what I am capable of, and helped me realize how important my message is. THANK YOU FOR THAT. You have no idea. "

Dan Akers, Academy-Award winning VFX Supervisor Helping reimagine storytelling in the 21st century

"Michael and Tristan helped me conquer public speaking nervousness and inspire 2000 people at the world's largest conference in computer graphics (SIGGRAPH)." 

Hana Mayeda, Fashion Model Helping empower beauty and authenticity in women

"Because of Michael and Tristan, I know I can answer any question, on or off camera, with confidence and creativity." 

Andrew Parr, Professional Golfer and Performance Coach Helping athletes evolve beyond their perceived limits.

"Tristan and Michael didn't just help me think bigger...they transformed the way I communicated my thoughts."

Organizations we've worked with